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Roshan Shetty is a man of many facets. A degree in MBA took him straight to the sales department of an IT Firm, and 24 months later, he decided to pursue his passion for showbiz. His unadulterated craze for the mic and love for radio landed him a job with Fever 104 FM as a presenter-producer, and has made him a popular favourite at various corporate and Bollywood events. A total Bollywood buff, RJ Roshan is your go-to man for killer innovation and flawless execution.

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RJ Roshan

A powerhouse of talent, creative ideas and quick & flawless execution, Roshan is the mind and magic behind the number one evening drive time radio show in Mumbai - Nana Chi Taang. He is also the voice of Sunday Spotlight on Fever 104 FM, where he features unique performers from across India who showcase their spectacular talents on air. His neverending love for Bollywood has landed him interviews with some of the biggest stars of B-Town like Shah Rukh Khan, Alia Bhatt, John Abraham, Sunny Leone, Vaani Kapoor and many such names. Roshan's intense passion for music, more so Indian hip-hop, has resulted in rendezvouses with rappers like Divine, Naezy and Kaambhari. A passionate producer and presenter on radio, and a vibrant MC at events, makes Roshan the best choice for your brand.

Lights Camera Action

Picture Abhi Baaki Hain

RAW Trailer Launch

Final Vrindavan

Launch of Proper Patola Song

Aranca Research Diwali Celebrations

SRK Universe


Green Fields Diwali

Kuch toh Log Kahenge

  • “He just gets the crowd. He connects with them almost instantaneously. There are few people who can do that. And he has just mastered it.”

    • Kartik Aryan/Actor
  • “He just gets the crowd. He connects with them almost instantaneously. There are few people who can do that. And he has just mastered it.”

    • Kartik Aryan/Actor
  • He’s a very jolly person and spreads love and positivity in every bit he does on stage. Ekdum FullPower, as he likes to call it.

    • Parineeti Chopra
    • Music launch of Namaste England
  • “To be able to inspire such camaraderie among employees is something I’ve seldom seen an anchor do so well.”

    • Mr Rajesh Arora
    • Business head Mahindra
  • “He’s a bag full of surprises. You never know what he’s going to do with the crowd next. And when he does it, you’ll be left awestruck.”

    • Dimple Virani
    • Event Sculptors
  • “When you have an audience of mixed age groups, it becomes a challenge for the host. But Roshan makes everyone feel at home and just so effortlessly.”

    • Sakshi Dewan
    • Pegasus Events
  • “RJ Roshan is a Bollywood buff packaged as an exemplary RJ. His quick wit and spontaneity make him so lovable and memorable for the audience.”

    • Mehak Hunjan
    • Artist Manager
  • “This is an individual who has a stage presence that electrifies the atmosphere and mood of the crowd. Impeccable hosting!”

    • Vishal Ahuja
    • Event Director
  • “His warm personality makes him easily accepted by any crowd. Roshan is very receptive of the crowd’s spirit and dynamically manages them.”

    • iPhone launch
  • “What makes Roshan so special, I feel, is that he is always up to date and relates with the audience on relevant topics. With such harmony with the crowd, he simply aces every event.”

    • Product Launch for Mahindra
  • “He arrived as a host for the Sangeet, and left as a part of the family.”

    • The Agarwal Family
  • “Roshan belongs to the stage. He can make every occasion feel thoroughly festive. Leaves no stone unturned to make the folks have a good time.”

    • Shinde Family

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